MPG is looking for concept & 2d artists

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MPG is looking for concept & 2d artists

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MPG provides great conceptual ideas and final artwork for entertainment and creative industries.

We focus on environment, creature and digital asset design for film & gaming and fit any pipeline - of any size.

The MPG network is a bunch of more than 300 excellent partners from around the world with nearly every style of art. MPG also works remotely, so we are fast, flexible and cost-efficient.

We are specialized in concept art and postproduction technics like matte painting, set extension and compositing for feature film, games, television and commercials. We provide you with stunning artwork from concept to postproduction.

Our excellent network consist of some of the greatest artists from around the world. Most of them are regularly involved in international film productions.

Would you like to be part of our network? Join us!

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