web / grafik designer Dubai - We pay for moving cost

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web / grafik designer Dubai - We pay for moving cost

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We look for a German talented designer who would be interested to move or live for a while in Dubai. Most of our team is in fact German.

Please provide a portfolio with your application or link to it 
In general...
To support our team, we are searching for a Senior Web/Graphic Designer with advanced skills in Web design and drawing. Creativity is very important to us, which means you have to be able- & love to come up with ideas on your own and give reasoning to your creations. You are confident to defend your ideas in front of a very capable team and know how to self-reflect and see results within context of various point of views, like users & clients.  You put the focus on the "why" rather than the "what".
What we offer...
Many changes in your challenges and working on stuff that is:
- often super cool
- sometimes incredible high-end and for the highest profile people in this region
- sometimes super-secret stuff that hopefully transforms into the next Facebook in the future. 
A very casual and open minded environment with a lot of fun and communication, while we still work hard and deliver results
We aspire to hire the best, so feel assured you will work with great people
Enormous team ambition that inspires for great work
A good salary
Good office hours
Room for growth in position and compensation
Main skills...
Design / Layout
Storyboarding / Drawing with an eye for perspectives and interesting angles
Creative thinking
User experience design
Concept design
Main software skills...
Illustrator / InDesign
3D skills a plus like Maya,3d Max, etc.
Concept illustration a plus like OmniGraffle / Axure
Internet skills: utilizing the power of YouTube & google to find whatever you need executing an idea
What we need…
Coming up with stuff on your own from scratch
Love for creation (whatever it is)
Fast learners & a drive to improve yourself without externa pressure
Ambition to grow into new positions
Communication is key, you are able to express yourself
Your work might include...
Designing a website
Designing an app
Designing a brochure / magazine
Storyboarding a music video
Finding creative solutions to support an idea
Understanding an idea and making it your own and extending it with your creativity
Visualizing concepts
Translating concepts into visual presentations
Cooperating with various people from different disciplines: developers, musicians, creatives etc.
 What we dont need…
Just delivering the obvious
Another employee that is just doing his job 
Being happy with average 
Coming to work because you have to
Never thinking about an idea/design because its your "day off"




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