Stellt Eure in Arbeit befindlichen oder fertigen 3D-Artworks hier aus, um sie diskutieren zu lassen.
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Hello everyone!

My name is Max, and I'm a student at Interactive Media Design Laboratory, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
I'm researching future user interfaces for 3D design and animation.

Sadly, researchers in my field hardly know anything about how 3D artists actually work.
I hope to change that, and make future R&D more oriented towards your real-world needs.

Therefore I started a survey, and would like to ask all those experienced in 3D art to participate:

This is an academic research effort and not exploited commercially.
I hope to publish the results at an international conference
and thus help to make better user interfaces in the future.

The research relates to the professional use of 3D software,
so it will ask you whether you work in "media production".
This of course includes freelancers and independent artists, but not mere hobbyists.
I'm very sorry, but the requirements are just too different.
Please decide for yourself whether you can speak from a professional point of view.
Thank you very much for your understanding.


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