CG Sculpt Bossbattle

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CG Sculpt Bossbattle

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Wer in nächster zeit lust auf einen sculpting contest hat der sollte mal vorbeischauen.

June 15th to September 15th

BOSS BATTLE is a CGSculpt-hosted event bringing together talent from around the globe for a friendly character sculpture exposé and competition.

The goal of BOSS BATTLE is to create the most formidable, fear-inducing adversary one could possibly imagine!! This is your opportunity to sculpt the final end boss for your ultimate video game or feature film project. From colossal creatures to pint-sized crime bosses, all are welcome to the challenge as long as your BOSS presents an epic BATTLE to defeat.

In order to get the word out without giving anyone a head start we will announce a few restrictions at the launch that will limit some designs. Check back on June 15th for the launch and full rules.

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